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The Central Naval Museum. The beginning of the XXI century

January 24, 2009 the museum celebrated its 300th anniversary.

One of the most significant events  was the participation  in the 11th All-Russian museum festival "Intermuseum-2009" in Moscow, the Russian Exhibition Center, May 28-31, 2009. During the festival, and the subsequent presentation of commemorative events were held Museum.

The Central Naval Museum took an active part in the 4th International Maritime Defense Show, June 24-28, 2009. The pavilion number 5 was deployed stand with an exhibition on the history of The Central Naval Museum, rewarding employees, and receive The Club of Friends of the Central Naval Museum. The public was presented the layout of the new museum.

Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the Central Naval Museum was related to preparations for the least important event - the move to a new building. The idea of ​​moving the museum from the Stock Exchange building was announced in autumn 2006. It was decided to relocate to the renovated complex of the Kryukov (Marine) barracks, located on the square “Truda”.

The reconstruction works of the Kryukov barracks funded by the Government of St. Petersburg. Construction phase of work was completed in June 2010.

The total area of ​​the museum complex was about 32 thousand square meters. This allows  to create a new exhibition in 19 halls, instead of the previous ten, as well as to increase the area of ​​the museum depository. The new exhibition is planned to accommodate about four thousand original, including relic, museum objects.

Create the new museum that meets the latest requirements and standing in a row with the largest maritime museums in the world - it's not easy, but honorable task. It will be well represented glorious history of our fleet. The new museum should become a pearl of the sea capital of Russia.