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Exhibition dedicated to the pastor John of Kronstadt

The Central Naval Museum invites everyone to visit the exhibition in Kronstadt: The Naval Cathedral launched a significantly updated exhibition dedicated to the life and Ministry of the paster John of Kronstadt. The exhibition, created by the scientific specialists of the Central Naval Museum, is dedicated to the paster John of Kronstadt and Kronstadt of his time.

The exposition of the traditional Kronstadt Naval Cathedral exhibition is complemented by original photographs and photo postcards from the private collection, as well as items from the funds of the Central Naval Museum.

Visitors to the exhibition can see along with other exhibits, transferred from the collection of the Central Naval Museum to exhibit the medal in memory of the Eastern (Crimean) war of 1853-1856, the award pectoral cross of the priest-participant of the Crimean war, the cross found during the deepening of one of The Kronstadt harbors, a commemorative table medal on the basis of the Kronstadt naval Cathedral and other rarities.

John of Kronstadt (real name Ivan Ilyich Sergiyev; 1829, Sura, Arkhangelsk province, 1908, Kronstadt, St. Petersburg province) – the priest of the Russian Church, mitred Archpriest; the prior of the Andreevsky Cathedral in Kronstadt; member of the Holy governing Synod from 1906, member of the Union of the Russian people. Preacher, spiritual writer, Church-public and social activist of right-conservative monarchical views.