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Heroes of mercy and self-sacrifice. To the 110th anniversary of rescue by Russian sailors of inhabitants of Messina

The Central Naval Museum presented the exhibition "Heroes of mercy and self-sacrifice. On the 110th anniversary of the rescue of Russian sailors of the inhabitants of Messina", dedicated to the sad anniversary of the earthquake that befell more than a century ago, Sicily and destroyed the city of Messina. Terrible destruction claimed thousands of lives in Calabria in southern Italy. To help the victims came the crews of ships of the Midshipman detachment of the Baltic fleet.

The exhibition vividly reveals a multi-faceted and one of the main features of a Russian sailor – the willingness to selflessly come to the rescue. So it was a hundred years ago, so do Russian sailors today. It is also important that the events of more than a century ago and today remain a role model, serve as an excellent example of establishing friendly relations between States, fleets and people of different countries.

The exhibition also displays a model of the monument of the Italian sculptor P. Kufferle, dedicated to Russian sailors who saved the lives of many residents of Massina during the earthquake, paintings by B. Novitsky, V. Ovchinnikov and A. Tron, unique original photos and postcards depicting Russian ships, their commanders and crews, as well as photos of doctors of the Russian Imperial fleet, who saved thousands of lives.