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Museum of the Baltic Fleet

Museum of the Baltic Fleet was established in 1957 in the city of Baltiysk.

On February 23, 1959 the exhibition was  open for soldiers of the Baltic Fleet and the city's residents.

Three years later, the museum moved to Tallinn, to the main base of the Baltic Fleet, where over the next thirty-odd years there was its further development.

In 1992, the museum returned to Baltiysk.

Museum funds account for more than 20 000 exhibits: photographs, documents, award pins, ship models, models of weapons, works of fine art, uniforms.

The museum's library has more than 12,000 books, magazines and newspapers. There are oldest Russian periodical "Sea collection" literature of Russian-Japanese War and World War II, memories of Russian and Soviet naval commanders, many of which were donated by their authors.

Now in museum exhibition are:

  - The Baltic Fleet from birth to the First World War;

  - Exploration of the Baltic Fleet;

  - Marines of the Baltic Fleet;

  - Aviation of the Baltic Fleet;

  - Surface and submarine forces of the Baltic Fleet;

  - History of Pillai-Baltic city.


238520, Kaliningrad region., Baltiysk, Kronstadt st, 1

Phone: +7 (40145) 6-41-87

E-mail: navalmuseum_dm@mil.ru

Director of the branch - Valitov Fanil Fatykhovich