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Page the life of a sailor-artist. To the 195th anniversary of the birth of A. P. Bogolyubov

March 28, 2019 in the Central naval Museum opened an exhibition dedicated to the 195th anniversary of the birth of Alexei Bogolyubov (1824-1896) – a naval officer, a famous artist, an active promoter of Russian culture and a connoisseur of new directions of European art.

The exhibition presents the works of the master from the collection of the Central naval Museum, which began with the gift of the artist, who presented in 1888 to the Maritime Museum a small work "clipper "Robber" in Le Havre."

In 1891 Bogolyubov gave the Museum a picture of "Sea surf in Menton." In 1899, at a Traveling art exhibition in St. Petersburg, the picture was marked as one of the best landscape works of the master. These works marked the beginning of the collection of works of the artist. Currently, the collection of the Central naval Museum has about 70 of his graphic and pictorial works.

The exhibition will also feature sketches and marinas created by Bogolyubov and his students abroad. This period of life of Alexey Petrovich is very remarkable.  After 1873, Bogolyubov lived and worked abroad, rarely coming home. He was appointed a Trustee over the pensioners of the Academy of arts. In France his workshop on Rue de Roma, 95 was called "Russian Paris". Here found support who later became famous artists: I. Repin, V. Polenov, I. P. Pokhitonov, A. K. Beggrov, N. N. Gritsenko, M. S. Tkachenko. The master fascinated them with new ideas, gave advice, went with them on sketches, found orders for them.

It all started in Kronstadt. Here the future artist spent ten years of officer service. After graduating from the Naval cadet corps, he sailed on military ships of various classes – 92-gun ship "Volga", brig "Zeal", steamship "Emperor Alexander I", "Kamchatka". In his free time drawing. Maximilian leichtenberg – President of the Imperial Academy of arts gave Bogolyubov parting words, which decided the fate of the Lieutenant: "I Wish you happiness and science, and what to be a dozen officer, be an artist, it seems, you will have time here again."

In 1850 Bogolyubov became a free student of the Academy of arts. Early works of the artist – "14-gun steamer "Kamchatka", "Exit from the river Tahoe frigate "Ilya Muromets" in tow steamship "Kamchatka" and "Passenger ship "Emperor Nicholas I" at the black sea coast" are presented at the exhibition. In 1853 Bogolyubov graduated from the Academy of arts with a gold medal and the right to a retirement trip to Europe to improve the fine arts. In the same year, AP Bogolyubov appointed painter of the Main naval staff. On behalf of the Hydrographic Department in the 1860s, he wrote the types and outlines of the coast, the entrances to the narrow skerries, approaches to the raids of the Caspian and Baltic seas.

By the anniversary of the Guards crew in 1860, the painter performed for the album a few drawings depicting the Imperial yachts. By order, he created pictures of naval battles, from Peter's time to the events of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. The master repeatedly went to the places of hostilities, where he made sketches and sketches for future paintings from nature. "Attack boat "Joke" Turkish steamship on the Danube in 1877", "the Explosion of the Turkish battleship "Lufti-Gelil" on the Danube April 29, 1877", "Crossing the Russian troops across the Danube at Machin. 1877 " - these paintings and drawings about the war can be seen in the exhibition hall and at the exhibition.