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“Served the Soviet Union. Exhibition of artists-officers of the USSR Navy”

On the threshold of Defender of the Fatherland Day Central Naval Museum opened the exhibition of artists-officers who served in the Navy of the Soviet Union. Arts, displayed at “Served the Soviet Union” Exhibition, were provided to the CNM from private collections, artistic studios and А.I. Marineskо Museum of Submarine Forces of Russia.

The aim of the exhibition was the wish to show main stages of development of the National Navy through the eyes of participants of those events.

More than eighty arts by fourteen artists cover a great time segment of development of the National Navy: from the picture by Boris Rykov “Delfin and Som Submarines in the Military Campaign” to “Akula Leaves for Combat Service” by Alexander Shaurov and from “Bogatyr Cruiser in the Indian Ocean En Route from Vladivostok in 1905” by Timur Yarulin to “Ships of the Caspian Fleet Shooting Winged Missiles on 20 October 2015” by Vladimir Tikhonovsky.

The exhibition will be open from 16 February till 24 April 2017.