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Exhibition "Leonid Blinov. To the 15th anniversary"

The exhibition presents a small part of the works of L.D. Blinov, his photographs and documents, which can only be seen at temporary exhibitions.

Of particular interest is a small wooden, black lacquered case, encrusted with mother of pearl floral ornament. On one of its sides, against the map of the world, a Japanese master depicted the route of the expedition of the steamship of Voluntary Fleet “Moscow”, the sacred Fujiyama Mount and the initials of I.A. Shestakov. The case contains 30 sketches of L.D. Blinov, performed during joint voyages with admiral Shestakov (1886-1887). The sketches are mounted from both sides in a mahogany frame and can be pulled out from the cell with a metal handle. The case was made in Japan by the order of the admiral and presented to the would-be artist with the words: “You are certainly destined to be a marine artist”.

During his short life the painter created about 3,000 works. More than 120 paintings and graphic works are stored in the Central Naval Museum. The collection reflects almost the entire creative career of Leonid Demyanovich Blinov, the artist of the Naval Ministry.