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St. Petersburg - the maritime capital of Russia, founded by Peter I near the Baltic Sea, has a lot of unique monuments, museums, historical relics and evidence of their special purpose. One of the pearls of St. Petersburg is considered to be Central Naval Museum, established January 24, 1709 as the Model Chamber at Main Admiralty.

Funds Maritime Museum started quickly replenished many interesting objects. Among them were personal objects that belonged to the Peter the Great, the founder of the Russian Navy, famous admirals and officers, paintings and drawings, samples of weapons and firearms. Replenished and the main collection – the collection of models of warships and transport vessels. Since 1909, the museum was renamed the Maritime Museum of Emperor Peter the Great.

The museum's collection on January 1, 2015 has over 719,000 museum objects, combined storage of 8 funds and systematized as part of 57 collections of a wide variety of production material, state of preservation, its size and dimensions. Among them are nearly 12,000 models of ships and ship equipment objects, more than 11,000 units of weapons and firearms, more than 62,000 works of art, more than 56,000 objects of dress, numismatics, phaleristics, as well as banners and flags. The important part of the museum's collection are occupied documentary handwriting, drawing, photographs and negatives.