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The museum has one of the world's richest collections of shipmodels, not inferior to the British National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The model collection of the Central Naval Museum fully presents the history of the Russian military shipbuilding. Without a doubt, the pearls of the collection are the boat of Peter I and the ship models in 1:12 scale. The museum includes ship models of unrealized projects.

The uniqueness of such models is that the ships that they portray, were never built, and these models are now one of the information sources that tell about unfulfilled intentions shipbuilders. For example, the project model battleship design by Gulyaev - in this project for the first time in the world worked out in detail constructive protect ships from underwater explosions. Model Museum's collection continues to grow. The fund holds many rare seafaring tools and items seamanship, mortgages board ships, made of not precious metals.