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Hall №1 (lower level)


The hall of Russian Fleet Flame (lower level)

The expositionhall tells the story of navigation since ancient times, the creation of a regular fleet in Russia, the outstanding victories of the sailing fleet and its development before armored shipbuilding. The hall exhibits unique ship models, samples of weapons and equipment, domestic and captured ship flags, paintings, drawings by Russian and foreign artists and other rarities.

The excursion around the hall discusses some interesting and important items: 

1. From the sea voyages of the ancient Slavs until the Battle of the Neva;

2. The Russian state at the beginning of the XIX century and the capture of Kazan;

3. Livonian War 1558-1582's;

4. Conquest of Siberia;

5. The first ships of the Russian Navy until Peter I;

6. Creating a regular fleet and the Great Northern War of 1700-1721's;

7. Hidden boat of Efim Nikonov;

8. Navy after the death of Peter I;

9. "Golden Age - Catherine ...";

10. Geographical discoveries of Russian explorers at the beginning of the XIX century;

11. The second Archipelago expedition of 1806-1807's and The Patriotic War of 1812;

12. The Battle of Navarino in 1827 and The Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829's;

13.  The Eastern (Crimean) War of 1853-1856's.