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Hall №1 (top level)


The hall of Russian Fleet Flame (top level)

The top level of the hall is dedicated to one of the Russian naval expeditions to North America in the 1863-1864's, the development of the Russian Navy after the Eastern (Crimean) War of 1853-1856's, the creation of new classes of ships, the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878's, the struggle between armor and artillery and the visit of Russian squadrons in foreing lands. 

The excursion around the hall discusses some interesting and important items 

1. The Russian naval expedition to the shores of North America in 1863-1864's;

2. New Russian shipbuilding programs. The Start of origin Russian armored fleet;

3. The Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878's;

4. The armored Russian fleet in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea at the end of the XIX century;

5. The development of the submarine fleet;

6. Russian Imperial yacht;

7. Franco-Russian alliance and the friendly visit of the Russian squadron to Toulon in 1893 year.