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Museum Rules

All visitors of the Central Naval Museum are required to:

1. to purchase an entrance ticket to enter the museum
2. present a document confirming the right to a privilege for purchasing a ticket at a reduced rate
3. keep the ticket until the end of the visit
4. follow the sequence when passing through checkpoints.

Visitors of the museum :
• leave in a locker room, wardrobe: food, drinks, equipment, bags larger than 20x30 cm, as well as sports bags, travel bags, shopping bags, briefcases, suitcases, "diplomats", backpack bags; bulky items, wet umbrellas, opaque plastic bags, outerwear, including light jackets, a short coat, raincoats and hats;
• must not touch the exhibits with their hands and do not lean against them;
• must comply with the requirements of employees (curators, caretakers of museum displays, guards, etc.) on the territory of the museum (its branches);
• must comply with the rules of behavior in public places, be mutually polite and helpful, respect pregnant women, women with children, parents with children, the elderly and the disabled;

In case of emergency situations (man-made or natural, smoke, falling trees, discovering ownerless bags, objects, etc.), visitors should immediately inform the museum staff about this or to the security service and to fulfill the requirements of authorized persons from the administration of the museum (its branches), upon their command to leave the territory of the museum (its branches), observing organization and calm;

The following is prohibited in the museum:

Drive and drive vehicles without special permission.

Violation by the visitors of these Rules, causing any damage to the property of the museum (its branches) is the basis for bringing to material, administrative and criminal liability in the manner and in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.