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Coastal pavilion exposition

In the exposition of hall No. 1, the visitors can get acquainted with the organization of construction of the first Soviet submarines of the late 20s - early 30s of the 20th century. The hall exhibits the small-arms used by the D-2 crew in preparation for the defence of Leningrad, as well as the captured German small arms. The exposition ends with a model of the D-2 submarine executed in the longitudinal section, which allows the visitors to view the basic equipment of the ship located in each compartment.

In hall 2, one can see the models of national submarines built in the 20th century. The visitors will view all the classes of diesel-electric and nuclear-powered ballistic and cruise missile submarines. In total, this room presents the models of over twenty different submarines designed and built in the Russian empire, USSR and the Russian Federation. The materials telling about the circumnavigation by a group of Northern Fleet submarines in 1966 are of specific interest.

Hall 3 presents the exhibits demonstrating the combat operations of the L-3 submarine under the command of P.D. Grishchenko and Hero of the Soviet Union V.K. Konovalov, at different time, as well as of the Sch-303 submarine under the command of Hero of the Soviet Union I.V. Travkin. The hall also features a painting depicting the attack of the S-13 submarine commanded by A.I. Marinesco and sinking of a German liner Wilhelm Gustloff.