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Exposition layout























Hall No. 1. History of the cruiser Aurora.

Hall No. 2. Service and everyday life of the Russian Navy staff at the turn of XIX-XX centuries (by example of the cruiser Aurora).

Hall No. 3. History of the Aurora of the late XIX - early XX century.

Hall No. 4. The First World War, the October Revolution, the Civil War, service of the Aurora in the inter-war period.

Hall No. 5. The Great Patriotic War. The cruiser Aurora in the post-war period. The training base of Leningrad Nakhimov Naval School. Repair and restoration work on the cruiser Aurora.

Hall No. 6. The Aurora - a ship-museum. Gifts to the cruiser. Holographic copies of ship models.

Hall No. 7. Open storage room.

Hall No. 8. History of Naval medicine. Reconstruction of the ship doctor's (V.S. Kravchenko’s) office in the Aurora (pending completion of the exposition).

Hall No. 9. The ship's infirmary. Medical facilities of the cruiser Aurora (pending completion of the exposition).