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Museum exposition halls


The officers' wardroom presents an exhibition of ships models made by local craftsmen: submarines, cruisers, missile boats, etc.

In the corridor, in front of the entrance to the wardroom, there are stands with photographs telling the visitors about the history of the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov", and the ship's bulletin-board newspaper.

There is an impressive bronze ashtray in the officers' wardroom. When a ship slides down the ways, its manufacturers present an ashtray to it. It is considered a symbol and averter of the ship. If someone steals this item, or it is passed to someone else, this is considered to be an omen of misfortune. This ashtray was executed in 1954 and weighs 36 kilograms.

The cruisers under the 68bis project-series were named in memory of the great Russian naval commanders and battle captains. Therefore, a valuable item in the exposition of the military-glory cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov" is the bust of the renowned Russian military leader Field-Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov. The exposition in the cabin of the Chief of Staff is dedicated to Field-Marshal M.I. Kutuzov.

In one of the crew quarters, one may learn about the history of the national cruisers, starting from the sixties of 19th century and ending in the history of the cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzov".

Exposition dedicated to the Great Patriotic War

Several showcases are devoted to the Great Patriotic War, its heroes: seamen, submariners, pilots. Here one can see award documents, medals for the defence of Leningrad, Odessa, Sevastopol, commendations, personal belongings of the war heroes: Z.A. Sorokin, A.O. Shabalin, N.Yu. Ozarovsky, K.I. Yumashev, K.N. Mamedov, G.K. Petrova, E.M. Ryzhov, I.K. Golubets, A.S. Morukhov – photographs of the war years, newspaper clippings, service record books, grenade pins, pilot's glasses, first-aid kit, navy cut cap and overseas cap, hand grenades, revolver, binoculars, submarine incline level.

One may find out more about the sailors' everyday life in the crew quarters.