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The administrative complex

The administrative complex includes a modern 100 seat conference hall, an internet cafe, an interactive shooting range, an interactive simulator "One and a half ton truck" and administrative facilities.

The interactive cafe is a unique complex where different educational and informative classes are held, including classes on military and patriotic training. The complex embodies an innovative approach to getting knowledge – the programs are composed in a way that allows visitors become part of the educational process.

The complex is equipped with a big panorama screen, and each table has an individual monitor and remote control that visitors can use to answer the quiz questions or communicate with virtual characters and play games. General information is displayed in a video sequence on the panorama screen, and the individual monitors show quiz questions and additional information on the subject – important numbers, dates, facts and other information that is difficult to comprehend and memorise by hearing. An interactive program "The Road of Life" will be developed specially for the museum and will tell about the only transport arteria of the besieged Leningrad and the unprecedented act of bravery performed by the city defenders.

At the interactive shooting range every visitor can fire an AK-47, a Dragunov sniper rifle or a Makarov pistol. All weapon imitators fully correspond to the weight and size characteristics of the real prototypes. Different scenarios allow you to compete in marksmanship with other visitors or perform a difficult mission as a part of a close-knit team.

The "One and a half ton truck" interactive simulator looks like a truck cabin and is equipped with a three-step mobility system, real steering elements and a panorama screen. The visitor gets onto the driver's seat, starts the car and leaves for a journey on the ice of Lake Ladoga. On the way the truck caravan has to face many dangers, such as ice holes, air attacks from enemy planes or vehicle breakdowns. The realistic graphics, the accurate recreation of Kobona landscape and the tense atmosphere of the war time let you immerse into that difficult period for our country and maybe think one more time about that invaluable act of valor performed daily by ordinary men and women on the ice of Lake Ladoga.